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Even though selling physical products online is extremely hot right now, running a Shopify store is actually much more complicated than most people are thinking. People commonly research and analyze the top stores to get a benchmark of what they are supposed to do. However, the perpetual research won’t help you with anything. You may end up with not selling any product, selling unprofitable products, or even selling the right products at the wrong price. And this is why my ShopySpy review will show you a powerful tool that excellently searches for the best stores and the best products aligning with your criteria.

ShopySpy helps you to dig out the top Shopify stores and thousands of products that are proven to sell. It is an easy-to-use tool that will give you comprehensive information on everything you will ever need to know to operate your own store and earn big from it.

ShopySpy Rating!
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Love this tool! It is a great investment for the serious eCommerce marketer! Why should you buy Shopyspy? Continue to Read FULL ShopySpy Review and Discover more great features: It’s cloud-based, It’s easy-to-use, It’s time-saving…

Product Overview:

Creator: Bobby Walker
Product: ShopySpy
Launch Date: 2016-Dec-06
Support: Effective Response
Front-End Price: Only $197 (for limited time only)
Sales Page:

What Is ShopySpy?

ShopySpy is a top-notch software tool that enables you to spy on more than 170,000 Shopify stores and 800,000 products. You can also filter the search results based on many features to dig out the products that are in high demand and actually selling. The best part is, when you are ready to start selling a product by yourself, you can find the product on AliExpress with just a click of your mouse and start profiting right away.

Features Of ShopySpy

Store search tool

ShopySpy offers you with more than 170,000 Shopify stores using different powerful filters. I have to admit that I once was so overwhelmed by this software. It gives you the results in just a matter of a few clicks. If you are searching for a store that is potentially profitable, ShopySpy will stun you out by its performance.

Product search tool

You can quickly search over 800,000 products also using different powerful filters. The same rationale is applied when ShopySpy works to dig out the potentially profitable products. ShopySpy helps you to explore thousands of products easily and quickly.

Powerful filters

Now with ShopySpy, you can filter the massive list of thousands of Shopify stores by Facebook conversion pixel, price-point of each particular store’s best item, Facebook page and Twitter profile availability, currency being used, and keyword search. It helps you to find exactly what you are looking for, It works quickly with high-quality outcomes, and that’s why it has the 100% Recommend in my ShopySpy review.

Store information

You can instantly see the store’s website link, when the store owner latest uploaded a product to their stores, what name they are using and their Shopify name. ShopySpy guarantees to provide you with the most detailed information and profile of the store you are searching. It assists in analyzing whether or not a certain store is profitable.

Social accounts

ShopySpy shows you the store’s Facebook page and Twitter feeds in seconds. It then investigates their content to bring about the new fresh ideas for your own marketing campaigns. Now with ShopySpy, you can be as creative as you want in online content marketing.

Installed apps

ShopySpy allows you to have an insight of what Shopify apps are being used for every store. This understanding will give you a massive advantage as you know which apps the top Shopify are using. You can thus use those same apps in your stores to boost your sales and conversion.

Traffic analysis

You can see the daily traffic, category rank, country rank, and global rank of each Shopify store with ease. Also, you can get traffic volume from each country, traffic sources, top referring websites, top destination websites, organic and paid search keywords, social traffic volume, display ad networks being used, audience interests and similar sites. This powerful information will significantly contribute to your campaigns of building super-targeted Facebook ads. Eventually, you can get perfect leads and sales to your own Shopify stores.

Built-in bookmarks

ShopySpy ensures you never forget the best stores and products by saving them in your personal bookmarks. Now you can save your favorite Shopify stores and products for quick viewing at any time.

How Does ShopySpy Work?

  • Step 1: Login
  • Step 2: Store search, product search, and bookmark
  • Step 3: Filter to find out what you want!

Watch the demo video below!

Price & How To Buy It?

ShopySpy is now being priced at the front-end $197.
The power of building an incredibly high-profit online store is just a few click from you.

Learn More:




Why Should You Buy It?

→ It’s cloud-based

You won’t have to download anything. ShopySpy is hosted online on the server. Just log in, and you are ready to start analyzing thousands of Shopify store and products. Also, it is compatible with any device. You can work with ShopySpy with your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, tablets,…, anything that has an internet connection and web browser.

→ It’s easy-to-use

If you and point and click your mouse, you have everything needed to start your thorough research with ShopySpy. No prior technical skills or experiences are required. This feature of ShopySpy is truly a great benefit for a no-geek like me.

→ It’s time-saving

ShopySpy enables you to no longer guess what is selling well. Instead, It browses thousands of stores to find the most profitable product to sell and the best stores to benchmark from. Now with ShopySpy, you can skip all the hard works while enjoying the benefits of a simple enriching lifestyle.


As repeated in my review, this web-based software is the powerful tool that will literally save you countless hours of research. It helps you to build your own profitable store while completely avoiding trial and error. It’s time now to be an early bird for its launch; the bonus is huge. Thank you for reading my ShopySpy review, bye!


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