YT Gorilla Review – Get Over 5.3 Million FREE Organic YouTube Views


YT Gorilla Review

The Ultimate YouTube Tool That Helped Get Over 5.3 Million FREE Organic YouTube Views


Video views equal eyeballs and eyeballs equal money in video advertising when you do it right. So, The problem is, all the complex, boring, repetitive tasks tire out even the best of marketers every time.

So what do they do?

Hire a team of outsourcers around the clock which adds up not to mention all the downtime trying to find the productive ones. That used to be the only way to go till I saw this new advanced video dashboard tool called, YT Gorilla. This cloud-based software is loaded with clickable marketing tools that merge scores of tasks making video marketing simplified.

It’s super effective and saves tons of outsourcer money too. Plus, YT Gorilla is geared to make you hefty commissions when you leverage its power to do all the heavy lifting.

YT Gorilla Rating!
  • Legit Business
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Training
  • Support
  • Value For Money


YouTube Gorilla is a new software that will Automatically Show You Your Competitors Keywords For Top ranking Keywords, Descriptions for any video in one place within seconds.
Andrew Fox & Chris Fox also have an amazing “Alert” system which lets you know when a hot new video is released on YouTube so you can get in their first and piggy back of their traffic. Continue to READ Full Gorilla Reviews…

Product Overview:

Creator: Andrew Fox And Chris Fox
Product: YT Gorilla
Launch Date: 2016-Nov-15
Support: Effective Response
Front-End Price: Only $97


You’ve heard of all the ways to rank YouTube videos but you have never seen anything like this. This new video cloud ware tool cracked the code to YouTube rankings in a huge way and every other tool you’ve ever heard of just became obsolete. It’s so powerful yet it’s an almost hands-off method that makes your local videos surge to the top of YouTube rankings with hardly any effort on your part.

Here’s a WAY under-utilized, money-on-the-table enterprise almost completely ignored by video marketers. It’s insane how this is being overlooked when so much YouTube residual cash is up for grabs just laying on the table.

The last two years, Andrew Fox & Chris Fox have been figuring out YouTube in a BIG Way. And He will get straight to the point – easiest & fastest way to rank your video clips is.

  • STEP 1: Check out the keywords your competitors are ranking for & descriptions (let your competitors do the hard work for you).
  • STEP 2: Use YTGorilla to see those keywords.
  • STEP 3: 24/7 – YTGorilla Alert system– With YT Gorilla it AUTOMATICALLY Alerts You New Video Clip Based On what Keywords &market you targeted.

So How Can You Make Money With YT Gorilla?

By link-brokering affiliate products into high-ranking videos to make bank.

– You don’t have to make these videos

– You don’t have to rank these video

– You don’t have to do anything to these videos just add steps to monetize…

And yes, it’s easier than you think.

You won’t even have to personally negotiate with anyone…All you do is:

1) Find relevant affiliate products matched to high-ranking videos

2) Contact the channel owners via email!

3) Send out our pre-tested high-converting video deal-making templates.

4) Place an affiliate link into the description and share commissions with the video channel THEN rinse and repeat.
5) Sit back and generate lucrative percentage deals from highly-ranked YouTube videos other people own.

Get ready to receive top commissions when you show high-traffic video owners how to make money from their videos.

In less than an hour, you could have 10 deals or more in the making just sending out the same video deal-making template over and over.

– Link-brokering affiliate products in relevant high-ranking videos! (you don’t even have to create your own videos)

– Selling website data analytics to sites that need this service every day! (this niche has 14,300,000 Google search results)

– Piggy-back YouTube Channel Ad Selling (offer ads on YT channels you create with other people’s proven video metrics).

YT Gorilla – it’s a break-through in YouTube video ranking. It’s 100% cloud-based giving you thousands of markets to enter at a click of a button.

Besides, purchasing it is very easy. You only need a phone or a computer and don’t have to go anywhere. Just get access to YT Gorilla sales page and click Add To Cart.
Moreover, you only have to pay nearly 30 dollars to have it. This is the smallest price I have ever seen, and you can use your Paypal, Visa, or Master Card to pay. Isn’t it convenient?


Where other video tools leave you hanging, YT Gorilla:

– Takes boring niche searches and turns them into paid commissions by collecting guarded SEO data from winning video keywords. Now you can implant them directly into your own campaigns!

– Instantly finds lucrative viral videos with high rankings you can monetize as your own!

– Takes your videos from ZERO rankings to HERO rankings without any heavy SEO lifting and crunches all the data putting it right at your fingertips. Click to “Add To Cart” because the entry level price is never going to be lower than it is right now!


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