ADS Sniper Review

A Way to Increase Your Leads By More Than 90% with Facebook Ads


Facebook marketing is one of the hottest fields in the industry of marketing. Digital marketers have paid so much attention to the videos and pictures as it now becomes their main means of communication and interaction to the audience.

For that reason, it would be great if you know how to make incredible ads and landing pages that can get you closer to the audience & your leads. However, normally it would take you quite sometimes to do such things. And time is what you do not have much.

Even many top marketers who are known to generate massive income online from launches/their emails lists still struggle so hard; Running Facebook ads especially for newbies can be a nightmare, 90% of people that try it never make back their ad spend, they lose money 90% of the time.

Worry not because you can get help from outside factors. ADS Sniper is one of the helps I mentioned. ADS Sniper has been a success with Software Vendors, Local Businesses, CPA/Affiliate Marketers, SaaS Companies, Coaches and above all eCommerce Vendors. What’s HOT in this tool? Let’s find out in my ADS Sniper review.

ADS Sniper Review – Overview

Product CreatorPrecious Ngwu
Product NameADS Sniper
Launch Date2018-Jul-30
Front-End PriceOnly $67
Official WebsiteCLICK HERE
Skill Level NeededNo Skills Necessary
Refund30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What is it?

As you may know, ADS Sniper is the first ever tool in the whole Sniper tools for Facebook Ads. It allows you to get targeted traffic when you create your campaigns to sell products and services online especially for your landing pages. You can get more leads amazingly in any niche with ADS Sniper that works 100% on the ads transparency technology to let you swipe up any high-performance ad campaign and battle-tested funnels that will bring 10X ROI from the minute you launch it.

What if right now you can COPY the exact ads and landing pages of businesses, people, and brands that are crushing it with Facebook Ads and launch your own!

It’s no longer “what if”, it’s now a reality.

About Author – Precious Ngwu

Do you know Storeless App? Which is a brand new eCom platform that helps you build high converting eCom funnels that generate 5 – 10x more sales than a regular eCom store and Precious Ngwu gave online marketers over 6500+ COPY version. Until now, he has launched a lot of products and most of which are good products that receive positive responses from the vendor. One of his most viral developments is ADS Sniper which you are reading about.

Let’s find out more about what’s HOT features in this special tool in the next part of the ADS Sniper review!

Unique Features of ADS Sniper

→ eCommerce Drop-shippers and Print on Demand Vendors

→ Offline marketers who sells video services, social media management, SEO services to clients & local businesses

→ The everyday online marketer who wants to get tons of high quality leads cheaply and grow his business

→ Product creators who wants to sell more of their software, apps and digital products

→ Local businesses promoting their services to get new customers

→ Selling high ticket coaching programs and courses

→ SaaS companies who wants to acquire new customers

→ Affiliate and CPA marketers, trainers, coaches, newbie marketers

Simple… if you own a business and want to run better marketing campaigns, You NEED ADS Sniper!

For more information about this software, click the button below:


ADS Sniper does all the work automatically for us to make the successful Facebook Ads. If you are a beginner, you can watch the training video carefully. The expert will tell you what steps you have to follow in detail. If you need any help, you can contact the support desk 24/7.

ADS Sniper is suitable for all marketers at any level and you do not need any technical skills or experience to work. You can use it whether you are a newbie or experienced marketer.

Evaluation and Price

You only invest $39 to $69 in owning this tool of ADS Sniper. Just a couple of bucks and you can own an amazing collection of video templates. ADS Sniper is indeed an amazing assistance for marketers who have to create Facebook Ads frequently, video content especially landing pages of businesses.

ADS- Sniper-testimonials

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At the end of my ADS Sniper review, I want to say thank you for your attention; Besides, don’t forget that you have the 30-day money back guarantee to ensure that your investment is safe!

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