AIWIS Review

AIWIS Review

The Artificial Intelligence System


Behavioral Marketing is very important. It learns your customers’ habits, helps you understand your clients and talks them into buying your products effectively. But you can’t sit in front of the screen 24/7 to watch out every visitor to your site.

So how can you interact with them at the best without wasting time? That’s how the idea of creating an artificial system was born. Believe me, in this AIWIS Review, I’m not just talking about live chat website. There’s much more to do.

AIWIS Review – Overview

Vendor: Craig Crawford
Product: AIWIS – Artificial Intelligence Website Interactive System
Launch Date: 14th June 2017
Launch Time: 9:00 AM EST
Sale Page: Click here!
Front – End Price: Only $47 (This can be changed!)
Niche: General
Recommend: Highly Recommended!

What is AIWIS?


To make it clear, AIWIS is an Internet-based software, or exactly, an artificial system. It allows your engagement with your potential customers to be improved, increasing your conversion, skyrocket your profit and optimizing your marketing or especially customer support.

While the IM is getting more and more intense, it’s important to take use of every chance, every visitor you get. So, this is how you can’t miss any chance to promote and sell your product. Even if your visitor doesn’t buy anything, AIWIS will make them impressed with your sites and they’ll recommend them to others.

About the Author

AIWIS is developed by Craig Crawford. He has been known for some of his works recently. Most of Craig’s apps are about maximizing the pages by improving the reach and the engagement. His understanding of customer behavior will help you increase the loyalty and build your image.

Craig has accompanied with a code expert to develop AIWIS for a long time with many tests to make sure his brand child gets A plus in your evaluation. So, let’s check it out.


The Great Features And Benefits

In my AIWIS Review, I’ll show you some of the key features of this app to make you understand it better:

  • Fully cloud-based to be used anytime with Internet access
  • Welcome your visitors with interactive face and talk to them like a real human with animated face
  • Interact flexibly and actively with your customers
  • Wide range of languages and voices, not robot boring voice but all-age voices
  • Collect your customer’s information: asking their email, name
  • Automatically extract profile from FB and other sites to lively communicate with visitors
  • Follow and guide the customers when they’re visiting sites
  • Track your customer’s IP information
  • Analysis the customers’ behaviors: which sites they often click on, the number of returns, the time they stay, … and give the recommendation to customize it!
  • Promote your interaction with visitors and their loyalty
  • Skyrocket your conversion and your sale
  • Attract the hot leads and real potential customers
  • Can be integrated to speak marketing information

How Does It Work?

Once you integrated it with your sites, AIWIS will work as an auto active responder in your site: communicate like a real human. Its powerful system will also work out the information of every visitor and track them to guide them on other websites.

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Who Should Use It?

AIWIS is a useful app in IM. So in my AIWIS Review, I want to recommend this app for product vendors or affiliates. This app helps you increase conversion and profits. And also it can be used to tell your customers your promo information.

Price and Payment Options

AIWIS is now on sale at $47. As I see, it’s reasonable for a new technology software. With this app, you can host your visitors friendly like at home instead of ignoring them with piles of information. However, you have to act quickly to get this one-time payment deal because, after four days of launching, the app will be sold at the recurring monthly fee. So, grab it right after you finish this AIWIS review!


AIWIS Review – Bottom Line

AIWIS is a really good app, I think. It acts as an amusing housekeeper to your guests. But behind the little cute faces, it’s your right hand to collect data and increase your conversion. So I hope you can make the right decision for your business after this AIWIS Review to get the best possible deal!


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