Bonus #1: WebPhone Number Extractor

Web Phone Number Extractor

This is a Extracts Phone Numbers Software with the help of this software you can extracts numbers from The INTERNET through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. WebPhone Number Extractor has an option to extract Phone Numbers from files on your system. WebPhone Number Extractor has FILTER option so that you can refine Phone Numbers Search result. Web Phone Number Extractor has the possibility to save in.Xlsx,CSV files, TAB delimited (.txt files) format opens in NOTEPAD. Web Phone Number Extractor has easy-to-use, straightforward and user-friendly user interface. This Phone Number Extractor automatically pause and resume on internet failure or resume during processing. Process hundreds of Phone Numbers per second from several sources at once.

Bonus #2: Ora2pg


This Perl script is used to migrate Oracle databases to PostgreSQL. This script automatically converts schema & generate the SQL code for the move. Ora2Pg Free can be used in two modes. The first way is moving or replicating the information from Oracle databases to PostgreSQL installations. And the second way is a complicated way, but Ora2Pg make this process easy. This software works based on a configuration file, where developers can control a collection of settings and squeeze the export process to fit their databases and the recorded data. Ora2Pg software Free also can be used for to export database schemas, user, and group privileges, ranges and list partitions, just some of the databases tables, functions, triggers, procedures, packages, and of course, the full data.

Bonus #3: Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

Seo tool that can analyze any website to fetch data for onsite seo, automatically crawls urls and website to get analysis for onsite seo. This is the screaming frog with licence key available free to download at greenhatworld.

It is a java program that you can install on windows or Mac, crawls websites and analyze for SEO purposes, it is a free tool to download and use but with the free version you will get some limitations however by using the license keys in the download you can use the premium features of this tool.

Bonus #4: Pinger Jeet


Through Pinger Jeet Software, you can ping search engines and get your content circulate. It is the best pinging software in the market. This is a fast and user-friendly pinging application to update the content websites & search engines about your latest updated content on your website.

Bonus #5: SEONeos Software


With this great SeoNeos software, you can take hold #1 rank and easily escape from Google penalty with just a few clicks. So Download SEONeos Software Free and rank better. SeoNeos bring you a solution to the problem of incompetent SEO practices that get you penalized. This software detects the areas of improvement and finding those areas it fixes them and sets you on the place of long term rankings fastly. Bad backlinks, poor page structure and other important SEO factors get your website in some troubling issues like deindexing and penalizing. SEONeos is an essential software that subjects your site.

Bonus #6: Traffic Jeet Software


The six amazing Youtube Tools in one suite. There are many great features in this Traffic Jeet software achieving great success in the field of Youtube Marketing. Traffic Jeet is a full featured video marketing research and analytics software. This Traffic Jeet Software Suite gives you many powerful tools to do basic keyword and market research and also gives you platform, to monitor your videos and your competitor videos and rankings. It is divided into six modules which will be discussed next in the article. With the help of this software suite, you will understand your niche better and easily get your competitors research easily and grab more traffic and better ranking.

Bonus #7: xTumble Bot


This is an all type of traffic generation tools which can generate free traffic to your website and there is no need to rank your website to get traffic with this tool, the xTumble Bot does not rely on any SEO or PPC traffic system but in fact this tool can give you free targeted traffic completely on autopilot.

Bonus #8: Pligg Submitter


The program can get registered to a thousands of pligg websites and all this done automatically. Instantly reaches up to 1000 pligg websites and verifies email automatically. Submits a variety of short articles on these pligg websites automatically, moreover it features automatic commenting on these websites also.

Bonus #9: Traffik Buster


A traffic generation tool from the source of Twitter that automatically plays your twitter campaigns and gives you traffic on your blog or website with the click of a button. A twitter bot that uses the power of one of the most popular social media and makes it your strength to fill your website with daily unique genuine visitors no fake tricks you will get original traffic.

Bonus #10: Tab Accelerator


You can use this quick software to basically improve your surfing credit and one thing should be clarify that this software is not an automated clicking bot but in fact this is a real system for getting traffic to your website. Out tool has great flexibility and works with Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome. Basically in this system you are exchanging traffic.


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