Co Embed Honest Review

Co Embed Review

Harnessing the Power of Call-to-Actions



To begin with, call-to-action is defined as a piece of content which intends to encourage a reader, listener, or view to take a specific action. Some common call-to-actions are “buy now, click here, add to cart”, to name a few.

As a matter of fact, call-to-actions are an essential part in promotional strategies as they have the ability to lead prospects to your business, thus generating leads, increasing traffic and conversions. Like banners, articles, and designs, call-to-actions play the key role in causing a sense of urgency within visitors’ minds.

Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to create or embed a call-to-action to a video or website, especially those who have just started stepping in the online marketing sector. Therefore, my Co Embed Review will focus on an application that helps you deal with this difficult yet vital activity.

Co Embed Review – Overview

Co Embed Demo

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Mo Miah, John Gibb & Misan Morrison
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Co Embed
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11:00 EDT
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Only $37
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Click Here
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Highly recommend!

What Is Co Embed?

First and foremost, Co Embed Review going to give a brief introduction on what this tool is all about.

Simply put, Co Embed is a web-based application which allows you to embed your call-to-actions to any online video and website. These call-to-actions consist of clickable hyperlinks, social sharing buttons, pop-up images, opt-in forms, images, videos and explanatory quotes within a few clicks.

About Author

Mo Miah, John Gibb & Misan Morrison

Mo Miah, along with his partners John Gibb and Misan Morrison, has teamed up once again to release another invention after numerous buzzing hits in the past. They’re all considered as reliable names in the field of digital marketing with years of experience.

Their wide-ranging knowledge and forward-looking visions have been clearly shown in their products, some of which are SEO Catalyst, eCom Empire, Serplify, and Vyco.

Don’t miss out on the next part of my Co Embed Review as I will further explain its outstanding features.

What are the Features of Co Embed?

Original version

As mentioned, Co Embed is able to embed your call-to-actions to any type of online website and video. Furthermore, you can also schedule the embedded hyperlinks, as well as the content on social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Besides, Co Embed buyers are provided with real-life case studies every week in which you’re shown how the vendors have used this software to maximize their profits.

Upsell 1 (Co Embed Pro)

The pro version of Co Embed is equipped with some special additional features:

  • Facebook retargeting: You can add those who click on your embedded links to a group of the custom audience on Facebook so that you’re able to retarget these visitors again by running relevant advertising campaigns.
  • A/B split testing: This allows users to find out which call-to-action on which site or video receive better results.
  • Custom CSS: This enables you to exhibit your own self-designed call-to-actions.
  • Custom video landing page: Users can establish a landing page in order to create a place for their embedded videos, where they can customize the background, text, headline, and logo.
  • Case studies provided

Upsell 2 (Co Embed Traffic Mastery Training)

Every week, the developers will organize live sessions in which Co Embed users are thorough trained how to apply different strategies to drive huge amounts of traffic for your marketing campaigns.

Upsell 3 (Co Embed Agency License)

This version allows users to grant access to a total of 50 other accounts, so they can take control of Co Embed exactly like you do.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1: Choose a specific website content or video.
  • Step 2: Insert your own call-to-actions and customize them as you want!
  • Step 3: Instantly post or schedule your embedded links on your site, social platforms and so on!


Who Should Use It?

My Co Embed Review also proposes some recommendations on its usage. In my opinion, this piece of apparatus is a good choice for newbies in digital marketing as they usually have difficulty setting up call-to-actions in the appropriate positions.

In addition, I think experienced online marketers should also take Co Embed into consideration as it will help you save a considerable amount of time in manually embed your link to a particular destination.

User experience

From my own experience, Co Embed doesn’t fail to meet my expectations that I’m looking for in such an application. I think the best function that Co Embed offers is that it allows me to design the call-to-actions based on my personal style so that they can attract more customers to click on.

Here’s What Our Partners Say About Us

Evaluation and Price

To those who feel interested in this application, remind yourself of the launch date which is on July 18, 2017. Besides, there is a wide variety of price packages for you to take into consideration, so visit Co Embed’s sales page or take a look at this image below for more information:



In conclusion, I hope that my Co Embed Review would be a good channel for you to have a clearer understanding of what this application is about. I’m also really looking forward to hearing good results from you, whether you decide to buy this product or not. Last but not least, best wishes to you guys!


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Step 4: Chose which bonus you want in your email and you will receive the bonus within 12 hours.


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