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Send EMAIL! – Desktop Mailer makes it easy to send emails to 10 people or 10,000.

Desktop Mailer Review – Are you searching for more information about Desktop Mailer – Send list email from connecting desktop? Very simple! Please read through our honest review about Desktop Mailer before selecting it.

For years, we’ve been told by developers that a desktop bulk emailer couldn’t happen.

“To send a bulk email, you need to be on a web-based app.”

“You would need to change how emails the on the internet.”

“There is no way to link to your SMTP without changing all the rules.”

THEY were wrong!

Desktop Mailer is available now.

Starting at on $19.90 per year for a personal license and $9.90 per month for the commercial license.

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Desktop Mailer Review – Overview

  • Creator: Bruno
  • Product: Desktop Mailer – Autoresponder
  • Launch Date: 2016-10-07
  • Start Time: 15:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $9.90 /Monthly
  • Sales Page: Comming Soon…
  • Niche: Offline

What Is Desktop Mailer?

As a small business owner, marketing is an important part of my every workday. To ensure the success of my company, I need to be able to establish and maintain good communication with my customers, both potential and already existing ones. Everyday, I need to send countless sales emails, confirmation emails, newsletters and proposals to my contacts and this task is sometimes very time-consuming.

As every successful business owner knows, time is the most valuable asset we have, and everything that slows us down is costing us advancement and profit. I have recently discovered a perfect, time-saving solution in the form of a simple desktop application. Desktop Mailer is a new email software at first glance not unlike other emailing tools, but as soon as you start using it, you’ll notice some extraordinary differences.

What first got my attention was that Desktop Mailer enables marketing experts to create as many contact lists as they need and send personalized emails to their contacts in bulk, or send them to specific contacts on those lists using a sensitive filtering system. All those emails can be separated by subject and organized into as many categories as you need, and there are no limitations! The app is easy to access, easy to use, and all it takes to send a group email is just a few clicks.

Desktop Mailer offers real-time analytics and tracking of both emails and links you send. When people receive and open your email, you will get a return receipt informing you that the email has been opened. As soon as the email is sent, tracking begins, and you can monitor how many people have read your newsletter or sales emails and how many of them have clicked on the links you included. This is what enabled me to track my marketing campaigns and have an insight into what tactics are successful right away, and in real time. It gets better – results of tracking and analytics can then be exported to Excel or CSV file with just a few clicks.

I often have to travel for work, and sometimes I don’t have a stable internet connection. I was surprised to see that Desktop Mailer made it possible to write and completely prepare emails for sending offline, and then once you have a stable connection, all you have to do is click “send” and wait for that return receipt.

Have you ever spend valuable time preparing a weekly newsletter or a promotional email only for it to go straight to recipient’s spam folder and never to be opened? I know I have. This will never happen with Desktop Mailer. Since you can use your SMTP setting, your emails will never be tagged as spam.

This is the safest way to send and monitor your group emails because nothing you upload to this application is ever uploaded to a third party server, meaning that all your information is safe on your desktop. Never endanger your business or the privacy of your contacts by uploading emails to an unsafe emailing tool again.

Desktop Mailer can even be purchased as a lifetime version through their official website. No yearly renewals, no constant payment required and considering what you get by using it, it’s a cheap but extremely helpful app that will save you hours and hours of emailing.

About Bruno


GABO BRUNO is a software developer, author, and public speaker. He is the CEO of Higher Level Strategies and is regarded by many as a top Internet marketer.Come July 10th, 2016, Bruno and his coworkers (RADU HAHAIANU and ADRIAN NICULESCU) have been working on this product for a long time & couldn’t be more excited for launching this.

Benefits of Desktop MaMailer:

  • Everyone sends emails for personal use, business use or both

This product has probably the biggest audience on the planet. Many people can be private as well and business users at the same time, which doubles the potential customers.

  • People are afraid their customer Emails will be abused

The concern of losing contacts always exists, but more important is the thread, that someone will send emails and proposals to your contacts in your name.

  • This is a NEW product and the first time on the market

People will certainly search the Google trying to find the cheaper alternative. But alternative does not exist! We built up DesktopMailer on unique technology we created.

  • The price which nobody can beat

We compared the prices with the most popular autoresponders, and our price is on far away better. People who have autoresponders and pay huge monthly money will love DesktopMailer!

  • Provides recurring and residual income

By recurring Monthly, Yearly or even Life Time you can earn significant income. This is the product which people will love, and once they start using it, they will hardly finish.

  • Works online and also Off-line

This is the feature, which people will love. They can not only prepare new Emails and campaigns offline, but they can even evaluate older campaigns missing only data from last connecting.

YOU WILL NOT GET ANY MANUAL! Yes, we have the manual, but we want to see if the SW is user-friendly and intuitive. You can follow 5 step tutorial or switch it off.

If you are satisfied, please go to and leave me some nice comment there. We will release shortly also Full Desktop version requiring the installation available for test purposes.

Desktop Mailer Features:

  • Upload your Email list to application
  • Send one or one thousand emails right from your Windows desktop
  • Personalize every email
  • Use our pre-made templates, design your templates or just use text
  • Your emails safely reside on your desktop
  • Track links in your email
  • Track conversation threads with recipients easily
  • See complete statistics and analytics for your email campaigns
  • Easy unsubscribe option
  • Preview your email as a web page
  • Full HTTP support and responsive designs
  • Set your SMTP and IMAP servers
  • You can use Gmail as your SMTP server
  • Avoid having your email tagged as spam
  • Your contacts never leave your possession so no chance that they will be abused.


Many Testimonials Right Here:

Radu Hahainu – the Internet Marketer, says:

Desktop Mailer is a fantastic alternative to expensive autoresponders: if you’re just starting out it’s the best way to build a reliable business without wasting your money – Recommended!

Rahil Ahmed – Product Creator says:

Desktop Mailer is the best autoresponder I have used. It is a super thing for a startup online business without any huge investments. It is easy to use, and I have it always with me, even if there is no Internet connection. And there are no limits on some contacts and number of campaigns.

I couldn´t believe … How it could work! Desktop autoresponder? I tested it, and it works! All campaigns are sent with personalized Emails, and all links are monitored. I can only recommend it.

More information about this product – contact me on this page.


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