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If you are building a list or selling a product online, you will always take people to a “One Time Offer” or upgrade. The thing is, you could be missing out on a lot of sales simply because your new subscribers or customers are not being treated correctly.

98% of marketers get this simple thing wrong. It’s not their fault…Nobody ever mentions it so how would they know where they are going wrong? Thankfully, Barry Rodgers has come up with a simple 10-second copy and paste fix that you can implement today, And we are here to tell you about the quality product in Done For You OTO Page Videos Review.

Done For You OTO Page Videos Review – Overview

Vendor: Barry Rodgers
Product: Done For You OTO Videos
Launch Date: 2016-Oct-30
Launch Time: 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: Only $10
Sales Page:
Niche: Video

What Is DFY OTO Page Videos?

Not only will this simple fix raise your conversions, but it will also ensure that your new customers don’t lose confidence or trust in you from the get-go. And I have a fantastic offer for you!

I have researched, auditioned and commissioned the very best video talent out there to product my “Done For You OTO Page Videos” These videos will increase conversions and develop trust when used.

The front end is a no-brainer (just $1 a video) and the upsells will convert like crazy. You need to be on this one!
First impressions count, right? So, what if your new subscribers and customers are losing a bit of trust and confidence in you right from the moment they opted in or purchased?

Most people are making this terrible mistake…..and are not even aware of it. And You would want to fix that, yes?
Of course, you would!

The good news is that it is easy to put right.
Barry Rodgers explains exactly what causes this and shows you copy and paste 10-second solution that you can apply right now…This simple fix will help you build more trust and increase your conversions. Take a look right now!

What Kind Of Videos Are Best?

There are a few ways you can make sales videos:
Most front end sales pages do have videos – often Powerpoint videos which are fine on a front end sales page. Front end sales pages are different to OTO and upsell pages, though!

Some pages, however, pages need videos that break down the divide in the best way….Using “to camera” videos.
A real person is looking out from the screen and thanking the visitor individually and People like seeing people.
People appreciate a human touch – especially when buying “remotely” online.
Where the human connection is needed most is the one type of sales page where “to camera” videos are often forgotten…
On your OTO and upsell pages.
Here’s Why…..
People are often sent to OTO sales pages without:

  1. Being thanked.
  2. Told what the heck is going on.

You see, if I have just put my email in a box to get your freebie, and the next thing I see is a page with a buy button, my immediate thought is that I have been duped.
Similarly, if I buy your $10 product, and I am immediately being asked to fork out $27 for something else, I start to lose a tiny bit of confidence.

Guys, thanking people, acknowledging their action and explaining that you want them to see some important information…well, it’s just common courtesy, right?
And it is most powerful coming from an areal person looking them in the eye!

So, what is the solution?

I had the idea of a ready-made solution for a coaching student who hated getting on camera, So I started researching the best, professional video talent out there and spent a load of money getting some generic OTO page videos made. So, I decided to share this with everyone
Here’s your new “meet & greet” team for YOUR upsells pages…

Here’s what you get….

  •  Videos are hosted for you in my private account on a super-fast video player platform.
  • No YouTube logos – no loss of traffic to YouTube!
  • You get the embed code for each of the ten videos. You can use any of them on unlimited domains that you own.
  • It’s as easy as 1, 2…..(err..There is no 3)All you have to do is…..1. Choose which video spokesperson you want to use from the package2. Simply copy and paste the embed code at the top of your OTO sales page and you are done!
  • [NO] Spending ages trying to get it done you!
  • [NO] Editing and uploading videos
  • [NO] Outsourcing headaches (just one video will cost more than my price for all 10.

Sales Funnel

  • Front-End ($9.97): 10 Ready-made OTO welcome videos (as samples above) featuring ten professional video presenters. And, Customers get embed codes for the videos on a private video player account.
  • OTO 1 ($17): The ten videos offered in the front end pack but with animation and graphic call to action. PLUS…10 further videos for a “final OTO” in a funnel featuring the same video artists And PLUS… The outsourcing directory listing all of the talent used for these videos with links.
  • OTO 2 ($37): Developers rights to all the videos and the actual video files that they can download to edit as they wish.
  • OTO 3 & Downsell 2 ($35): An exclusive discounted copy of Andy Brocklehurst’s “Snake Player” video player software. Normally $97, this is offered here on an exclusive page for just $65.
  • Downsell 1 from OTO1 ($27): Developers rights to just the front end pack of videos and the actual video files that they can download and edit as they wish.

For a very limited time, you get these ten professional OTO page videos for just $1 each. Yes, for just $9.97 you get all of the embed codes to simply paste onto your page…I host the videos on a private platform meaning there is no traffic bleed to YouTube and no logos or controls to get in the way.

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed: These videos are made by professional artists and are of the highest quality, And I am confident that you will get massive value from this product. If, for some reason, you do not agree that this product is the fantastic value after using it, please let me know at my support desk within 30 days and I will arrange a refund.


I’ve used these videos on a couple of recent launches. Even though I have no problem being in front of the camera myself I love these because it makes getting the funnel built super quick and gives a truly professional result.

They really grab the attention of the prospect and clearly draw their interest to what you want them to do next. And there is no doubt that pages using these convert. It is Amazing Product for you choose. Thank you for visiting Done For You OTO Page Videos Review.

More information about this product – contact me on this page.


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